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Code of Conduct

MMA CODE OF CONDUCT/DECORUM: If Sensei is late, please wait and meditate.  Respectfully bow when entering and exiting the dojo and when greeting each other.  Sit and wait for Sensei to bow you in.  Line up in rank order in informal attention stance and wait for instructions.  Listen to Sensei and Parents, and respond with “oss”, yes sir or no sir.  Whenever approaching Sensei, wait 4-6 feet away at attention until acknowledged.  Techniques we practice can be used to avoid harm and cause harm.  Practice the Loco Dojo Creed Daily.  Practice the golden rule.  Clean GI (black or white uniform), gym clothes and/or rash guards required.  Train barefoot or with approved shoes.  Train with a clean body, hair, feet, hands and trimmed nails.  If sparring or rolling, wear a mouthpiece, protective cup, sports bra & mma gloves.  Never face Sensei while dressing, undressing or adjusting your uniform or belt.  We sweat, so please bring a small towel to clean up.  Ask for permission to use the restroom or leave class.  Wash your hands after using the restroom.  Make healthy food choices and get plenty of rest and sleep.  You are what you eat and do, and thirst perception declines with age, so please hydrate before, during and after class.  Students are encouraged but not required to participate in demo team, competitions and tournaments.  Any individual with; a bad attitude, disgraceful, disrespectful or reproachable behavior, dangerous mental or emotional instability, violent disposition, infectious diseases, illnesses, clinically abnormal personalities or physiology, lack of self control, erratic or controlling behavior, or inability to take personal responsibility for their actions (both inside and outside the dojo) may be barred and expelled.  All clients, students and customers are required to read, agree to and sign our Membership Agreement, Code of Conduct and Liability Waiver.  SENSEI REMINDER:  Martial Arts help us learn how to avoid and resolve conflicts... even conflicts within our own mind.  Peace of mind begins within, and has positive ripple-effects.  Martial Arts is a lifelong practice and journey.  You will grow in countless positive ways, however you may experience anxiety, frustration or failure at times.  These moments are natural essences of your practice.  Please trust my purpose in every activity.  I am here to help you relax, get perspective, discover, adapt, advance… and encourage you to Never Give Up!


I will be a good KARATEKA, a helpful partner and teammate.
I will have a happy, positive attitude, and show humility in defeat.
I will unify my mind and skills for self defense and preservation of peace.
I will respect other’s personal space and feelings, and never bully or harm others.
I will do my best in everything I do, and continue to practice perfection of character.