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I will be a good KARATEKA, a helpful partner and teammate.
I will have a happy, positive attitude, and show humility in defeat.
I will unify my mind and skills for self defense and preservation of peace.
I will respect other’s personal space and feelings, and never bully or harm others.
I will do my best in everything I do, and continue to practice perfection of character.

We are Authentic, Clean, Experienced, Family-Friendly, Unique & FUN!  Our high standards, engaging classes and valuable lessons generate results and will leave you feeling accomplished, empowered, inspired, satisfied and coming back for more.   Your commitment to practice and train at Loco Dojo is among the best decisions you will ever make.  Come enjoy your first class for free, train with like-minded people and have fun discovering your capabilities and developing your potential.

WE PURPOSEFULLY PRACTICE OUR MISSION; Acknowledgement, Accountability, Assertiveness, Awareness, Balance, Breathing, Causality, Character Development, Cheerfulness, Cleanliness, Communication, Compassion, Confidence, Control (and giving up control), Coordination, Courage, Creativity, Discernment, Discipline, Empathy, Encouragement, Fitness, Flexibility, Focus, Fortitude, Freedom, Forgiveness, Goodwill, Gratitude, Grit, Healthy Habits, Honesty, Honor, Humility, Happiness, Individualism, Integrity, Kindness, Leadership, Listening, Loyalty, Manners, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivation, Peacefulness, Persistence, Perseverance, Positivity, Praise, Professionalism, Purposefulness, Rectitude, Respect, Responsibility, Restfulness, Safety, Self-Control (& Saying “NO”), Self-Esteem, Sensitivity, Sincerity, Sportsmanship, Stress Relief, Teamwork, Understanding, Unity & More!

About Sensei Dan

Loco Dojo - Sensei Dan

ABOUT Sensei Dan (Sensei - Sen (Before) Sei (Life) - (Mentor, Teacher, Coach, Guide)
1971 - Born in Taipei, Taiwan of U.S. Army enlisted father. 
1979 - Began playing soccer and practicing Tang Soo Do in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
1980 - Moved to Saudi Arabia and was blessed with travels around the world and the experience of various cultures and peoples.  Began playing baseball, umpiring, announcing and training in Shotokan Karate.  Began demonstrating and competing in AAU and various mixed martial arts competitions and tournaments.  
1983 - Earned PKA Karate-Judo-Arnis Kyu belts under Librado Taedo Sensei who trained under Master Funakoshi Gichin.
1984 - Concurrently trained in Tae Kwon Do with Kyo Sah Nim Peter Murphy
1986 - Won Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Kyorugi (sparring) Silver Medal @ U.S. Junior Olympics.
1986 - Earned 1st Dan JKA Shotokan Black Belt from Librado Taedo Sensei under Master Nakayama.  Dedicated the rest of my life to continued character development and various forms of exercise including; meditation, philosophy, yoga, calisthenics, plyometrics, kickboxing, grappling, mma, snowboarding, watersports, hiking and running in the mountains and nature.
2004 - Blessed with the birth of my twin boys…
2010 - Founded the original Yoga Dojo and provided self defense and yoga practices out of my garage and in local mountains.
2017 - Opened Loco Dojo for dedicated Mixed Martial Artists.  Loco Dojo now encompasses fully-integrated body training for all.
2020 - Created Aero Dojo™, Hot Kata™, MoveMelt, SparRoll, F.U.V.E. and Cuddle Combat Fitness and Fighting Systems.
2023 - Training under 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt Dr. Serge Verne. (Rickson Gracie lineage)


ABOUT Sensei Bernie
2nd Degree (Nidan) Black belt
Specialities; Karate, Kickboxing, Self Defense



Can't wait to come back” - C.B.
“I was nicely sore last week!”  - C.G.
“I was here only once and I already love it… B.B.
“...thank you sooo much for encouraging me!” - C.D.
“It hurts to laugh!  Thanks for the great workout!” - K.J.
“Thank you thank you thank you Dan for today’s class!” - B.G.
“Thank you for the workout last night.  I loved everything about it!” - K.B.
"They really enjoyed that yesterday they both said they learned alot!" - L.P.
“My two boys are so happy to be in Karate with Sensei Dan!! I highly recommend this school!!” - F.P.
"Sensei Dan is great. He makes learning fun but with structure for our kids. This is a great place." - M.B.
“Sensei is amazing with my son. Leaves him wanting more but too exhausted for more. A win win!” - C.O.
“The best family owned business in the area. Kind and professional. My son is very happy with his sensai and the Dojo.” - Z.P.
"I love Loco Dojo and Sensei Dan. He challenges the kids and gets them working hard. He teaches them very good lessons about how to handle themselves when the time comes" - M.B.
“Dan Sensei has a way to keep the kids entertained and their attention. My son talks about what he learned all week and throws more of a tantrum leaving class than he does leaving the park. Highly recommend, as I do to all parents I talk to!” - C.O.
“This is a new clean, family friendly Self Defense, Karate and Martial Arts school.  I am very impressed with the positive environment.  Looking forward to learning traditional Shotokan and practical Bunkai styles...  My son enjoyed his class today,......” - B.M.
“Awesome local business for kids and families.   I enjoyed the hip hop classes they offer in the afternoon called mixxed fit. My girlfriend and I went, had such a fun time and burned so many calories!  Our first session was free which was awesome and the owners were incredibly nice! LOVED IT.  When my kids get older I will choose this establishment for classes if they want to try karate.” - N.N.
“My daughter is heading to college in the fall. Dan, from Loco Dojo, has made this nervous mama feel better about sending her off with some superb training under her belt. She was given individualized instruction with amazing practice in skills that will empower her throughout life. Dan shows that he truly cares about each individual student and exudes a true passion for his life calling. I can't say enough and I highly recommend Loco Dojo to everyone!” - M.S.
“Dan, by far is awesome with the kids. He has quite a history as a martial artist, and has fused his knowledge of multiple styles into a modern approach to self defense. When kids are laughing and having fun, the learning curve is shorter. Dan keeps it real, keeps them engaged, and gets rapid results. Our ten year old girl loves the LOCO DOJO. I recommend it to anyone with kids. You'll see their confidence rapidly grow. On a scale of 1-10, Dan gets an 11…” - M.M.


Want a Job?

Loco Dojo is looking to fill the following positions...

Full Time - Head instructor & School General Manager (Salary plus commission)

Part Time - Instructor’s Assistant ($11/hr)

Part Time - Front Desk Person ($11/hr) (High School or G.E.D. required.)

Part Time - AMAZING and EXCEPTIONAL Fitness, Yoga & MMA instructors!
We are interested in offering the following to our clients:
FITNESS - BollyX, Commit, MixxedFit, U-Jam, Werq, Tabata, Dance Trance, EDM FItness, Zumba, Zumba Strong, Hot Pilates
MMA... Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, (Black Belt or Similar Experience Required)
YOGA - Classic, Vinyasa, Nidra, Family, Restorative, Yin, Aerial, Hot, Chair, Weighted.
WORKSHOPS - Nutrition, Meal Planning
Loco Dojo is a great studio to start teaching and build a following, or even bring your own following!  Please call or just come in. Pay scale based on experience and following.  Ask for Sensei Dan!

Want to Be Your Own Boss?

Fitness/Karate/MMA/Yoga/Personal Training Studio for Rent.

Are you an instructor seeking a place to teach and grow your following? Our 1200 sq. ft. fitness/karate/yoga studio accommodates up to 22 people comfortably for classes and workshops. We offer a clean studio, with mirrors, equipment, weights, bags, 2” thick padded/matted floors with tatami texture, a sound system, 1 bathroom, and a check in desk. Our studio ceiling also accommodates hanging/suspension classes like Aerial Yoga, Ashiatsu Massage, etc.. Drinks and filtered water are available. We provide all props & equipment. Renters may have a presence on our website and our flyers. You may draw from our client base and bring in your own.

Days and rental hours may vary.  Rental Rate is $20-25 per hour. $80 one-time non-refundable cleaning deposit.  $4-500/ per month comes out to $20-25 per day for a one hour class 5 days per week.  Loco Dojo is conveniently located on the Northwest corner of 16th Street and Bell Road, next to Krua Thai Cuisine. We offer plenty of parking and Great roadside exposure with high traffic area. For more information on rates and day and hour(varies) availability, please call (602) 466-3663 or just come in.  Ask for Sensei Dan!

"Absorb what is useful.  Discard what is not.  Add what is uniquely your own." - Bruce Lee